About Us

David Veenstra, Designer/Owner, 2003

As a trusted designer/builder of fine homes for more than 50 years in South Central Ontario, Veenstra Design and Fine Home Building employs a process that encourages the homeowner’s input throughout the construction process. This gives you, the homeowner, the opportunity to experience how the design, workmanship and quality materials are brought together to create a beautiful living space. Throughout this process you will watch your project evolve from a vision to a reality.

David Veenstra is an accomplished designer and craftsman with a passion for producing unique and exceptional custom built homes to suit his customer’s specific tastes and needs. A browse through the galleries will demonstrate a wide variety of designs that will inspire almost any vision.

Whether building a new home, remodeling or restoring an existing design, there transpires an excellent understanding of the relationship between custom home design and construction, from the most practical aspects to the finest aesthetic details. Artistic vision, practical building experience and a craftsman’s attention to detail have earned our company respect throughout the construction industry and the general community. We listen to and communicate with a potential client in order to better understand their dream, taste, budget and lifestyle; whether exercising total artistic freedom or working with the client’s creative input, we bring dreams to fruition. As a result of many years of professional experience and artistic judgment we are able to advise and assist clients in their choices.

Employing the talents of fellow craftsmen and women with a shared passion for creative design and superior workmanship, Veenstra Construction ensures a high level of excellence at every stage of the building process.

Remodeling, renovations and additions which require creative solutions are the specialty of Veenstra Construction. In a market where there are a limited number of new building sites, the idea of converting an existing living space to a dream home is a popular choice. As can be seen in our galleries, meeting these challenges is where we excel.

Each new home is registered under the New Home Warranty Program and Veenstra Construction is dedicated to maintaining a lasting relationship with homeowners beyond the completion of every project.

Our projects offer hand-crafted quality and competitive prices within an environmentally friendly framework. Your satisfaction is our reward.